Episode 24: The Imagicipation Crown

In collaboration with Tales of New Albion (https://www.facebook.com/TalesOfNewAlbion) we’re proud to present episode 24: The Imagincipation Crown. A steampunk horror story, concerning an intellectual of the arts who hopes his new invention will bring artistic expression to the masses, provided he can work out the kinks..

Starring Daren Callow


Episode 23: Doors

Doors. A three story anthology of horror and Sci-Fi, including:

Where Am I: You enter a room, you can’t remember why. Imagine a house that fosters that doubt to the point of madness. Starring Lucy Mepsted.

On The Shadows Edge: A lab deep underground is trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe, but some secrets are best left unseen. Starring Daren Calow https://www.facebook.com/TalesOfNewAlbion/

Ring: A telephone is ringing, you hear it through the walls, through the night. it has not been rung for many years. Starring Stephanie Hazel, Neil James and Tom Clear

Picture courtesy of Dick Douglas

Picture courtesy of Dick Douglas

Episode 22: Hags

Hags: A three story anthology of horror and Sci-Fi, including:

Haxan: A bored archeology student, cataloging ancient bones, makes a career-defining discovery. Starring Louis Searle.

Fathomed: A ground-breaking survey of the Mariana Trench dredges out more then it’s survey team were expecting. Starring Aaron Ost and Stephanie Hazel .

Who is that, who watcheth me?: A village monk has dire warning, of what lays waiting out in the deep dark woods. Starring Ruben Pol.


Bonus Episode 2: Late To The Party

Another slice of something a bit different, resuming our collaboration with Brighton Theatre of the Air we're proud to present Late to the Party: 1981, Georgie and Bea are reliving their honeymoon in Brighton, but things have changed a lot since the 1950s, will they find  safe harbour?

Written and directed by Peter Gardiner. Starring Russell Shaw, Phoebe Wyss, Daren Callow and Tom Clear. Music provided by Bad Bad Whiskey: https://badbadwhiskey.bandcamp.com/